At TEC-COM, we believe in providing our customers with outstanding service and quality products. For over 20 years, we’ve been rooted as Northern California’s premier company for low volt and cabling installation. Our customers can rest assured knowing that we approach each project with one crucial objective: to get it done right the first time. More specifically, getting it right means having a precise consultation process, professionally trained and certified technicians, and guaranteed work.

Our customers deserve the best, and we pride ourselves in ensuring that our team receives high-level training throughout the year. Whether attending conferences on upcoming improvements to technology, or taking hands-on courses to gain the proper certifications, TEC-COM is leading the industry of low volt and cabling installation in Northern California and beyond.

Unlike other installers in the area, TEC-COM is the region’s premier company to offer splicing of fiber optic cabling. Damage to cabling during construction or digging can cause major outages that cost your company time and money. We are the premier team of installation experts to be certified in fiber optic splicing, and we offer a 24 hour emergency response.

We know how important our customer’s projects are. TEC-COM gets your system connected right the first time.

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